SBC Skateboard "Photo Annual 2013" is now available. Skim to page 84 and you will find the article "Memories of Animal Chin," written by Sean Mortimer. It also includes plenty of quotes from the Brigade concerning their feelings while they were working on the video.

animal chin article
Grant Brittain took this shot from the helicopter flying above.

chin article page 2
Another historic photo shot by Grant Brittain at the premiere for Animal Chin. Below, Lance Mountain boosts a Lien Air over the channel.

chin article page 3
Tommy flying in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Tony bombing the hills of SF. Filming the Brigade.

chin article page 4
Warming up on the Chin Ramp.

chin article page 5
Amazing photos from the session.

chin article page 6
Wallows, not a safe place to fall according to Tony Hawk..

chin article page 7
McGill, frontside slash at the Pink Motel.

chin article page 8
The aftermath of the Bones Brigade.

chin article page 9
Tommy Guerrero, China Banks in San Francisco.