Stacy Peralta BBAA 10-17-12 Last week Thursday, Stacy announced the pre- ordering of the film, and that special items were for sale, including items from the Bones Brigade on the film site. The items in the Vault sold out quickly. A few of the items offered included custom built scooters by Lance, trophies from Tony Hawk and Mike McGill's first team t-shirt. Lance Mountain scooter 10-17-12 Lance Mountain scooter Tony hawk trophy 10-17-12 Tony Hawk trophy Mike McGill 10-17-12 Mike McGill T-shirt In addition, Pre-release Screening dates were posted at the Bones Brigade site. Cities included Portland, OR to Jacksonville, FL and many more in between. Friday morning, Stacy will give an update on the progress with the film and announce more vault offerings from the Bones Brigade. Be sure to tell your friends, don't miss it.