Bonus Brigade, was released on October 25th on DVD and digital download. It does not include the film, but it does have 175 minutes of bonus footage, including: 

* Unseen interviews, stories, and interactions on the set.
* Unseen footage covering street skating, skate videos, and more. 
* Red carpet highlights from the Sundance and Santa Barbara film festivals.

Two time Grammy award winner Ben Harper tells it the way he sees it. Agree?

Rebellious, subversive, illegal? Skateboarding was great in the 80's.

Ray explains where some of his inspiration came from. Get more from Ray and many others on Bonus Brigade. Releasing October 25, 2013.

Some conversation about slams and injuries from a few screenings.

Stacy talks about some of the different camera angles they used while filming the early videos.

Rodney explains how he had a great sense that he had been given everything he would need.

Beatles' George Harrison's son, Dhani talks about 'Rock Stars' in his life.

Stacy's Mom's missing spoon explained.

Stacy talks about a sense of stillness he had as a little kid.