March 15th

WORLDWIDE release of the fan voted, Bones Brigade series 10.

...What we chose to do to make this release special was give ‘ownership' to the fans to choose which set would be produced. After providing various sets to the Bones Brigade they settled on 3 different sets: The Classic, The Natural, and The Silver.

Over a two week period starting at the end of October we presented the 3 sets to fans to choose from, vote and then share their vote on which set they wanted produced. We also gave away 3 sets of the winning set from, 1 set from Bones Brigade Facebook, 1 set from Bones Brigade Instagram, and 1 set from Bones Brigade Twitter by randomly selecting fans from their votes and posts from each platform to win a complete set when they are released in March. Six sets given away total.

Voting ended November 6th, 2017.

Winners of the six sets.

The winners are B.Dubberly, M.Perry, and M.Allen.

The Bones Brigade Facebook winner is J.Hutzell

The Bones Brigade Twitter winner @gardenskate

The Bones Brigade Instagram winner is @spina_bifida.skater