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Man....I love you guys...You guys are the GODS of this sport....n you guys are the INSPIRATION for me to start skateboarding.... I am 20 n I still don't know how to ride a skateboard....but I will learn it...n that's for sure....not for some professional thing but just for FUN. .how you guys did it....
As they say ..."There is no age for learning..."
Love you guys....

— Karan

WOW! I grew up with the bones brigade, got my first big board in 83 and I'm still sk8ing today. Even though my favorite sk8er was Natas, the bones brigade made a huge impact on my life, specially videos like ban this or public domain. I still love to do all the old tricks. I'm from York, Pa. and when I make it out to Ca. I hope I can find you guys somewhere...

— gantz

I was so exited to see you guys when I move from France to Tokyo Japan in 1989 coz the only thing I could do that time was skating. I couldn't speak Japanese that time . But when you guys came to Tokyo for the Bones Brigade world tour '89 , it have change my life here. Not only coz I was a big fan of the BB but also to skate there where all the radical Japanese skaters were regrouped , my only language was my skills on skate board . One good trick you get a YEAAAAH , but even with a funky painful slam you get it ! Then I got friends and we still friends today ;) still skating (not like that time) , skate helped me to move , to have fun, to make friends , and to speak !! Here in Japan , all my skate friends knows that I was only skating on Bones Brigade boards :)

Well , I wasn't planning to write my life , I wanted to know if the "Bonus Brigade" come also on Bluray :)

(Lyoki, thanks for writing. It will not be available in Blu-ray)

— Lyoki Napator

Skate Forever!!!! i love skate!!! thanks for all profesional skaters for ever!!!! u r lagend!! BOnes Bridgate especially!!!

— mohamad zamri “zamri” bin yahaya, penang island state Goverment

From 9 kids to a hole country following the Bones Brigade.
I remember the 1st time my friend Juan came back from the US with a video ( Beta or VHS cant remember ) and 9 of us we sit down on the floor and for the 1st time in our life we looked up to some one, and that some one was across the country but in our hearts were here with us.
From 9 we grew to 15, 50, 300, 1000s until we realize that we were doing competitions with more than we could handle :) kids from all over the City ( Mexico City the BIGGEST City in the world ) were coming to the parks we we build our "" Skate Park "" to participate and do what we ALL LOVED. It was never about money in fact I have to confess that we never made a "" PESO "" doing did but instead what we all did is find our happiness.
From the button of my heart and in representation of thousands of happy memories and kids... Thank you.

PS Please let me know how or what do I need to do in order to get a Skateboard with the Bones Brigade Signature, I guess after years of work and many more things that would be the only thing I would like to have LOL

Thank you once again

Dante G.

— Dante “Gonzo” Gallegos, Mexico City

Watched this documentary yesterday night and it was like a slap of nostalgy into my face. I remember when I was 7 or 8, trying to catch any possible glimpse of skateboarding at TV. That was this 80s youthful style that really attracted me but I was probably too young to really be able to go outside and just skate.

I got my first board when I was 10, right at the beginning of the "big pants small wheels" trends but nonetheless, I had fun; I can definitely relate to the stories of skateboarders who started to grow their own identities thanks to skateboarding.

I kept an old board at home and few weeks ago, I took it for a ride; Felt like I was 10 again. Your documentary might make me want to do that more often.

Thank you.

— Guillaume Richard

Dude i Love u Guys

— Rasyidin “Din” Panji, Skateboarding

Even being so far away from the USA (I live in Brazil) Bones Brigade influenced all Brazilian skaters (including me a lot). The videos that came to us were a copy of the pirated copy that someone had managed with a friend's friend and colleague skateshops packed with people every time one of these tapes came. The Bones Brigade skateboard was like gods. And how could not import the equipment they used lixávamos our decks and desenhávamos drawings of models with pencil or spray, helping our imaginations to pretend that we were a team member. There was a world away from Brazil and the USA, but the Bones Brigade made ​​these shorter distances. You were a goal to be achieved. They are my true heroes forever. Stacy and George: Thank you for being born.

— Otaviano “Otlacet” Segundo, Me

The boys/men of Bones Brigade, along with Tony Alva and Christian Hosoi were my role models/ idols/ heroes.
They helped to shape my skating, outlook on life and art work. All of which helped me become the person I am.
This Movie has rekindled my love of skating and for the first time in ten years I hit the park!
Thankyou for everything.
A totally awesome movie and inspirational too.

— mark “thindiesel” hair, Firefighter

If anyone remembers great moments in skateboarding history, MT. TRASHMORE in Virginia Beach, VA. ranks as 1 of the top 10! It was 1986(?), Mark "Gator" punched a cop thinking he was a rent a cop. While V.B.P.D. cuffed "Gator", 300+ teenage skaters were surrounding the cop car & started throwing rocks @ squad car. Next month Gator was on the cover of THRASHER. I know Tony Hawk, Lance Mountain, & Stacy Peralta were there. I was 15 @ the time (now 41)but what honor for me to witness skateboarding history. Ask the Brigade what they experienced @ MT TRASHMORE.

— Andy “ANG” Duffy, SK-8er's of the 80's in Va.Bch.,VA.

in the time frame of finding your way in this world, the choice of to blend in or not was your options both paths had their strife and neither had appeal, coming of age in the Bones Brigrade presented a new path, stay true to your passions, the rest will fall in place, and a happier life will be lived. I am so fortunate to have lived when i did and to embody that spirit for those who are finding their way and themselves in this life

— Paul “Paulie” Overby, World Boards

This documentary will make you buy a skateboard and start skating again. With in a week I bought a nice fat ten inch board and some slimeballs and started skating for the first time in fifteen years. Thank you

— Joseph “No Nick Name” Saint, N/A

Would love to see this film, as I thought Dogtown was one of the best docus ever. Problem - it's massively overpriced in the UK. Seriously.....$40-50 for a dvd that's not even BluRay?

— Stevie Greer

Five Stars! As one of so many that grew up idolizing the Bones Brigade, I have even more respect for them now. They still inspire me with their skating, Stacy with his filmaking and with everyone still giving back for the greater good of skateboarding. I loved every minute of The Bones Brigade An Autobiography! Thank You:)

Shred On,
Mike Leeds
Wenatchee, WA

— Mike Leeds, Skaters for Public SKateparks

Wow. Bones Brigade changed my life. No lie. And I think the documentary just did it again. Just. Wow. And to know I get to celebrate this weekend with so many individuals... who get it. Who understand. Damn. I am so not worthy.

I don't believe I could have watched Bones Brigade: An Autobiography at a more perfect time in my life. I hadn't skated in over a month before a session just last night, with 2 Cretins I hadn't skated with in over 6 months, at a ramp I hadn't skated in almost a year... And it restored my stoke. Then tonight, I watched the story of the Bones Brigade... my skate heroes from my youth, and still to this day... and I am so ridiculously infatuated with skateboarding again.

And I'm about to turn 40. 40! EVERYONE younger than 40 knows that's crazy old. Want to know what's more insane? I've been skating for 25 of those years. 25! I truly suck for having skated THAT long, but it's not about that. I love it. It's FUN. It's 'stoopit.' And it's up to ME, every time.

So to watch those heroes tell the stories, of MY memories of watching THEM skate... it makes my brain itch in the most fantastic way. My mind has not raced like this, about THIS, in years. To watch those stories, on the precipice of completing my 40th trip around the Sun... about to spend a weekend celebrating with Concretins, Kooks, and skaters whom I know no other way except through skating... How do I explain that? I don't think I can, to a pedestrian.

And to a skater, I know I don't have to.

THANK YOU. Cretins, Kooks, Locals, my college skate friends, Nathan, Eric, Mike, Kyle... Thank you Stacy Peralta, George Powell, Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, Lance Mountain, Rodney Mullen, Tommy Guerro, Ray Barbee, Steve Saiz, Eric Koston, Ray Underhill, Matt Hensley, Bucky Lasek, Bob Burnquist, Danny Way, Colin McKay, Christian Hosoi, and countless other pros...

Skateboarding changed(is changing) my life. True story.

Thanks! "Bones Brigade changed my life. No lie."

— Nik “Concretin Nik” D, Concretins!

The bones brigade videos changed my life. Animal Chin was or seemed to be a way of life for us. Every time we watched the video or I watched the video we were amped up. We all acted like we were one of the bones brigade. When I finally received my auto biography...I watched and emotions flowed...It was almost like reliving the first time I ever watched animal chin..but this time I felt as I was actually one of the bones brigade with all the insight provided. We skated the strrets of Chicago when animal chin was out and back then it was illegal...but feom my couch I felt the rush and sensations go through me like it was back on the day...then as the movie progressed I seemed to revive every skater I ever met all the skate spots we skated and eventually traveled to. I am no longer able to skate due to medication I take but after the movie it felt like never stopped skating. I was overwhelmed by the stories and Rodney Mullen...there wss points I was in tears...some tears of joy...some tears of what the team actually went through. I watched it over 10 times and would love to see it on the big screen but no local showings in Daytona Beach. But just being part of it brings joy to me...I have contacted many of my old skate crew to ensure the view it....just have to say wow....

— mark “od/big money/animalchintonyhawkoverthechannelchowneister” odzinski

I was exposed to the Bones Brigade back in 85 when I moved to Gilroy California from Texas. I was banana boarding when some friends showed me Future Primitive. I thought it was amazing and cool and I wanted to do that. My friends and I all ended up with real boards after months of saving or nagging our parents. I've skated to this day and just mounted some Rat Bones that I was going to try at the skatepark. It's amazing how much your company has influenced my life, from skateboarding for over 25 years to my career as a graphic artist was inspired by Powell Peralta graphics. I'd draw all the Powell graphics like the Ripper and logos over and over and even mowed the logo into the front yard one time. The graphics were so cool, I consider those old graphics as some of the coolest art out there. It's great to see all the reissues. I'm sitting here with a Caballero. Have a 1988 Tony Hawk on the wall and a stack of used mini Logos in the closet. Funny when I'm wearing my Ripper or Cab shirt, how many old school guys, complete strangers that are like, "WHERE'D YOU GET THAT SHIRT? I HAD ONE OF THOSE YEARS AGO, SO COOOOL".

— Davdi Sockrider, Tour Paintings.com

I remember that tour like it was yesterday... I lived in Southern New Jersey at the time just outside of Philly.. The tour rolled thru Prospect Park a ton of us piled in the car to go and we were blown away with the portable half pipe the skating was amazing... I recall Tony Hawk doing like 10 Mc Twists in a row on the half pipe which was huge being the ramp was like 6ft tall... The coolest thing was I got to sit with the Brigade while they signed autographs... I was just a kid and it meant the world to me that they all were so down to earth.... I would say it left a lasting impression I am now the VP of a Skateboarding company and I have been building my own brigade of rippers and they are killing it around the country ....go figure ;)

Thank you guys for everything you have done for skateboarding and for all the inspiration!

Respect ,

Robert Hart
SRVP Black Diamond Skateboarding

— Robert “Skate” Hart, Black Diamond Skateboarding

I must say when I was I kid in the 80s me and other skater friends sat and watched the search for animal chin probably 1000 time and I must say every time was awesome . that movie was what we were all about, skating gave us all a place were we didn't seem to fit other places. thank you to everyone that made it what it was.

— jesse yodice

This film has the power to do (bring) back the desire to skate at (for) all old school's skaters. Please.... one copy of this film with subtitles in Italian !!! Thank you...skate or die.

— fabio bandini

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