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I first started skating in 1987 so watching this brought back some really good memories for me as I remember all the videos and decks as if it was yesterday. Really loved how this documented the brigade as when your young all you care about is the skating and the pro's that you looked up to so was great to see what the real in's and out's were that went on behind the videos and magazine photo's. Since watching the video I have got back into skating,set up a whole new powell cab deck and been ripping liked I used to. Teaching all these young kids now days that a good boneless or street plant is how we used to skate back in the day.
Cheers guys to all of you that have made a difference to old skaters like me.
All the best.

— James Hardcastle

i remember watching hawk, caballero, mountain, mcgill, and other 80's skaters at the 1984 shut up and skate in dallas. i even made some super 8 footage. awesome. seeing the bones brigade doc brings back those great memories of skating in the '80s. backyard ramps, ditches, parking lots/garages. those first bones brigade videos were great as well.

— stan

Such a great film! I was 13 years old when I started skating. That same year I saw The Bones Brigade Video Show and it blew my mind! This film brought back all the same emotions that TBBVS did way back then: excitement, awe, joy. I'm 40 years old now, a practicing physician, a father, and I still skate today. Never stopped. You guys changed my life. And I am profoundly grateful for that!!

— Alexander “Alex” Kang

grew up in santa barbara. P&P and the bones brigade were the sh*t. One highlight of my life was getting to go with some of the team and owners on a charter bus from SB to LA for the world premier of Public Domain. My friend won tix at a skate zone thing and we were in 8th grade so it was big time for us. I remember going to the back of the bus a few times where some of the guys were at and they were giving me and my friend beers and sh*t. Was one of the coolest parties I've ever had.

— john fire

So stoked that you made this film! Even growing up all the way in Australia the bones brigade had a massive effect on our lives. We would sit around in and big crew and watch the movies you guys made, get revved up and then go out and try to be just like tony, lance and the guys. Without this crew skating would not be what it is today. Thank you so much for bringing back all those memories and feeling that I haven't had for ages. Going out to buy my first deck in 15 years and going skating with my son. Thank you so much!

— Paul “Pauly” Howell

I find crazy how you guys have work so hard in the past to push skateboarding further and how you are still commit more than 30 years later after having done so much for skateboarding !

— Hugo “hugomurphy” Murphy, Vision Twelve

I'm most thankful for this documentary because it served as the perfect vehicle to introduce my (at the time of release) 7 year old son to the greatness that is skateboarding. We've been on the quest for Animal Chin together ever since!

— Chris “Smack” McDowell

Whoah, watching the documentary brought back so many memories, I don't think a movie has ever made me feel that same way. The Bones Brigade were, and are, my heroes, and it meant so much to see these figureheads of everything that was good, positive and exciting in my life as a young dude talking openly and frankly about themselves and their own lives, struggles, triumphs and the ride along the way. I can't thank you all enough, and yes, talk is cheap, but it got me stoked and on a board again after a 20 year hiatus, and you've all gone and accidentally changed my life for the better just like you did back then. Peace, love, respect and an epic thanks for putting some light into the life of a guy that's been a bit lost without stoke for a good long time.

— Jon “Baz” Barratt

powell always gets it done!!!!!

— bill

I just wanna say thanks!! Always been a fan of skating and now my 13 yr old son is, too! He and all of his friends were in to Ripsticking. And I've always been one to let him go with what he likes to do... I just kept hinting that skateboarding was a lot more "respectable..." Well, I come home from work one day and he is just glued to the TV, which was kind of a surprise since he's usually outside. But then I see what he's watching!! A freaking Bones Brigade Documentary! Talk about a proud mom moment ;) He told me this morning he wants to be a pro skater! He has a lot of hard work ahead of him, but I have faith in him! Thanks!!! This film reminds me of watching all these guys while I was growing up. But more importantly, it sparked and interest in my son that can keep him busy and teach him that practice and determination can lead to success. Loved the movie!!!

— Jennifer

Absolutely love this movie. So rad. I've wanted to skate my entire life and my friend is actually trying to teach me, right now. This film inspired me, and now I can't wait to skateboard.

— Megan Barnhurst

this is my like my bible i cant stop watching it and jesus the things i would do to come over to la and meet rodney, its great work i love it really showed me alot thanks man :)

keep skateing

— jackson “crispy” hennessey

We did a review a while back. It is up on our site if you are interested.

— Mike “Mikey Kaos”, azkaos.com

I love the BB doc! Watched it four times and it never gets old. It takes me back to one of the best, most influential periods of my life---skating. I loved the Bones Brigade. I loved how their skate videos were laced with humor and awesome skating. Tommy G. & Christian H. have such unbelievable style when they skate. And Rodney Mullen is pure genius. He blows my mind! Tony, Lance, Steve...Stacy really cultivated a great team. And contrary to how he feels, Animal Chin is still one of the best skate vids ever!

— Sandee

I'm a world-class photographer (published in over 23 countries every major publication) and I believe skateboarding is something that I'm always going cherish. It's even in my bio "a skaterat" thrashing the streets of Whittier". Let's just say being latino in so-cal in the 80's was not cool at all. But seeing Alva, Cabellero, Guerroro (I look just like Tommy) I could relate to them. I can close my eyes and remember the day when I was taught to skate vert (ie. the keyhole) at 12. No matter where I am (even Japan) I have those most amazing conversations about skateboarding. Love the trailer can't wait to see the movie.

— Edward “Duarte”

Hi, I'm Italian and I write from the city of Florence.
My passion for skateboarding was born in 1987 and my first board was a professional Tommy Guerrero flaming dagger. I still have a photo after a few days of purchase.
For me before and even now the bones brigade is a myth.
I still remember the appearances in movies like Thrashin, Gleaming the Cube or Police Academy.
Now, even if I go from time to time in the skate (for passion) I'm going to buy a deck Tommy Guerrero flaming dagger reissue.
A greeting and the bones brigade will always remain in my thoughts.
Dear Riccardo from Italy (37 years old)

— Riccardo Gentile, private

I love this film what those guys did for skateboarding is so amazing , they truly changed the sport and the industry is better because of those guys .stacy truly cared for those kids and he has such a big heart .rodney mullen part was the most amazing thing ive ever seen on film .thank you for making this movie Im a skater now my sons a skater I looked up to cab and lance and tommy tony rodney mike stacy mike v all the powell team they were the face of skateboarding and now they are legends


This was THE BEST documentary I've ever seen. So well done, and made me remember why I loved skateboarding, and actually get back into again. It was amazing to see all of that classic footage, some behind the scenes stuff that I wasn't aware of, and hear the guys tell their personal stories. Great film and I highly recommend it to anyone.

— casey mckinley, death ink

I can honestly say this is by far the best documentary ever made, great to watch with friends who are just getting into skateboarding. I highly recommend it.

— Blake “ ” Hill

I love skateboarding!!

— micaiah “meeks” furukawa, skate one

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