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Awesome documentary!!!

— carloreckel@internet.lu “/” /, Pool Fight Club Luxemburg =P

Love the documentary!!! It brought me back to see all the old footage and was so rad to learn why and how things went down back then.
I was just starting off skating pro boards when bones brigade were huge. This documentary allows me to relive my childhood, one that i'll never forget!

— Kirt


I just finished the Bones Brigade a few minutes ago. It made me laugh out loud, cry, and re-ignited my passion as a skate and Doc filmmaker when I needed it most...Thank you for the inspiration. You're stories have and will continue to have a lasting effect on world, skaters and non-skaters alike.

It's a dream of mine to work with you on a film one day. See you then.

Best regards,
Michael Alfuso

— Michael “Fuso” Alfuso

I saw the Bones Brigade movie and it was the missing piece to the Brigade/Powell Peralta films I watched as a youth. I am 39 years old, and I'm still skating, and I've seen a lot of videos in my time, but no other video touches my heart like Public Domain. "The Incredible Rubber Boys" is always a great motivator, even still, Cab and Lance "streetstyling ", Tommy Guerrero's part toward the end, or Cab's part at Raging Waters. The music and footage of Cab's Raging Waters part still haunts me to this day. It will be forever ingrained in my mind. But watching the Bones Brigade movie, it was the missing piece to all those Brigade videos I watched as a kid. Thank you, I feel as if you guys shaped my life in a sort of way, and I will never let go of the freedom that skateboarding brings to me. Thank you.

— Rich Williams, Stage4 Creative

I watched this movie and was so stoked I took my sons board and caught my first kickflip in like a decade.

— RObert Erdody

Revolutionary! Brought back memories of reading stacks of Thrasher, Transworld Skateboarding all before the internet and when The Search for Animal Chin was on VHS. Analog artistry at its finest!

— Patrick (Dj Flip D'skript)

Back in 1987,my life changed on a Christmas morning.My father had got me a red and black Lance mountain mini.I skated that deck till the tail looked like the nose.Skateboarding gave me a purpose.I lost my Dad in 2003 due to cancer.Till this day I still skate to have fun and to keep him in my mind.Thanks

— Tim Lloyd

This film was amazing. It was real, not some hyped up thing to make people by a product. It hit a certain point in my soul that skateboarding has. It showed what the nature of it really is, a way to express the most inner part of a person and there being as a whole.

— Alex Gemberling, National Guard

I'm now 36 years old & still love Powell Peralta as much as I did when I was a kid. Been skating since I was in the 3rd grade. Bought the documentary, was so moved, bought the 6 disk set & about 10 classic shirts from Skate One. I was part of the bones brigade fan club as a kid. Still have my 89 patch with the wings. Lost my ID card, but that thing went with me everywhere I went. I was so proud. I even sent artwork to the ART dept. years ago when I was in my teens. Bones Brigade, Powell Peralta and skateboarding changed my life forever.

— Ryan Little

Fantastic documentary! Watched it with my 12 year old son and he really enjoyed it as well. He was amazed by the talent and he now knows where all the tricks originated. He also has an appreciation for the hard work that was involved in these guys achieving the success they have. In today's society where fame and fortune seems to happen over night and with little effort, it is really nice to see this example.

— Julie Clark

I loved every second of tRodneygraphy. they were ( and still are) my idols. to see that they were just like me made it all more powerful for me.
great job Stacy for finally putting it out. I loved the way it was distributed as well.
Tony, Cab, Tommy, Mike, Rodney, and Lance are still around doing what they love.
great great great job by everyone involved.
my son is 7 and I'm teaching him to skate the same way I learned... through the bones brigade videos!

thanks again!

— Jeremy Stanford

When I first caught wind that a Bones Brigade documentary (by Stacy Peralta no less) was coming out, i couldn't believe it! So many thoughts and memories of me skating as a teenager came flooding in. To this day, some of the best memories of my life were skating with my friends and being sponsored by a little skate shop here in San Antonio. The Bones Brigade was our life! Ha!! Not only the videos, but the gear! We had it all, and couldn't get enough... As I see different photo posts from Thrasher and Transworld on FB and Instagram, I remember those same pics on my wall as if it were yesterday.
I'm 40 years old and I never thought this movie was gonna show in my town. When I saw that it was, I got a ticket without a hesitation. To my surprise, as I entered the theater, I saw so many guys that I've known through the years and never knew they skated or even knew that they knew who the Bones Brigade were! I was floored! Some guys even brought their kids!
This movie really is a testament that people can change the world and do great things just by being themselves.... I have to say that Rodney Mullen's interviews blew me away.. he is so inquisitive.. Anyway, this movie has inspired me to go and get a board and get back out there and just skate around and play..... Thank you Stacy for telling a story that I honestly had no idea touched so many people..... Just a great film and great story!

— Stevie G

Thank you for making this film. Although my initial reason for watching was the link of music and skateboarding. Like thousands of others, I was captivated by the stories of the sk8'ers. Since the skate rock group I play in was linked to the 80's vid's I was glad to get the opportunity to learn about the scene then and where it's going . Very moving stuff. . . . but now I have to hunt done the special edition vids to check out the deleted scenes . . . oh yeah, the hints of spirituality touched on led to a bit of discovery .

— Chuck “Captain Vision” Turner, Johnny Rad and the Eggplants

Loved it and crave more!!!

— Shannon Bailey



I was in a documentary film class this past semester at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI. I decided to write my 15 page end of term paper on the Bones Brigade: an autobiography. I thought this might be difficult, but was amazed to find a ton of scholarly writing and reviews that looked at skateboarding as a niche community and economy.. Being afraid of gravity, watching the Bones Brigade lets me live vicariously through the team. Thanks for the inspiration.

— Mary “advisorzin” Zinser

I love this documentary. Seeing the how Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen and Lance Mountain overcome their struggles inspire me to push forward and continue on pursuing my dreams and goals as a graphic artist.

— Kevin McCree

1987 in the east coast of Canada, baseball or hockey it's the way of life up here. Well both sorta suck cause you could play the best game of your life and the team might still loose. My old man comes home with a "Pro skateboard" all of the kids in the neighbour hood were so impressed that it looked so damn cool. Skate foreward a few years and I came to the conclusion that if I had the best day ever on a skateboard that I had just that. The best day ever. The sport grew on many of us simply because the stoke pushed us forward the hype (even though some cool kids came to school wearing "Skater Hater" tee shirts) was unstoppable. The skater style that developed took over.
Skateboarding became a way of life that any real skater will tell you still has an effect on us regardless of if their still skating or not.
This doc put it all into perspective, we all pretended to be Cab, Hawk or McGill and the reason why it worked was cause anyone of them would have fit into our own little brigade

— Jason Weir

I've always been fascinated with the skating culture. Because that's what it is...a lifestyle of a beautiful art. I'm someone who tried skating for a short time when I was young and still could never find myself progressing, but this world of skateboarding was still in my soul. To have put your mark in the skating world and to have changed the lives of so many must feel amazing. Thank you Stacy Peralta and the Bones Brigade for making this Culture that much better!

— Brad Huff

This is a beautiful story beautifully told. It speaks about life not just skating. I would show this film to any young child who may be looking for an identity, a purpose. It may not come in skating but it is out there if you commit yourself to find it. Rodney Mullen's words resonate as do the rest of the men and their articulate recollections. Awesome film.

— Manny

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