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This movie was the story of a bunch of guys that basically fueled my desire to skate. In fact, I still skate to this day. Great film and it even brought me to tears at times.

— Kevin Crowley

This film sums up my teens into my early 20's. It's great to see these guys still killing it all these years later...

— paul “oWc”

Orange Cycle works Orlando Fl, awesome demo was hooked before & have been hooked ever since, I play music with one of my oldest friends we've been skating together since the '80s & we still make HARDCORE SK8-ROCK we had a viewing party for the Bones Brigade Documentary, my drummer Dave had it on pre-order & the room was so quiet you could hear a mouse fart, there were cheers & tears & in the end we all realized our love for skateboarding & our nostalgia for a long gone time when we were kids & skateboarding was new, different, Raw, & as skaters we were outcasts from society...I can't thank you enough for the memories

— Wes “Wes-B, Snipes, Wes FORTITUDE, Wes-Dread” Balewski, FORTITUDE

You want to return to your past, the beat past of the 80' ?
Take this opportunity and watch the movie - Bones Brigade: An Autobiography.
A thrill of a film !!!
tomer brener
from israel

— tomer brener

Amazing. The movie premiered in Dallas on Oct. 24th of 2012, my 38th birthday, my fiance asked what I wanted to do that night and I told her I wanted to go see the movie. I wore my "Have You Seen Him" shirt and just could not sit still in my seat.After the movie she and I went for a pint or two and Rebecca looked at me and said this, "I get it, I get skateboarding and you, namely since we grew up with each other and why you skated". This movie MOVED me and I have seen it at least 20 times and laugh, get teared up, wonder why Fred Durst is in it and get motivated to go out and tear it up at the parks.

I got my first wood skateboard in '85 and then my first pro deck in '86 and it was a Lance Mountain, I had many other Powell decks and show the videos and movie at the skate shop I am the GM for. I love teaching the groms the history and walking down memory lane with the other old farts and this movie is always brought up.


— Jake Shafer

The memories and feelings of each B.B movie, that I have seen since the very first one, still flood my brain whenever I take my board out and skate. The autobiography took those fleeting images, funny storylines and inspired skating and brought them into my heart. The Bone Brigade always seemed celestial when i started skating, and after I saw the documentary, I felt that they were no different than the rest of us other than their skill. True they went from rock stars to legends, but the kept the essence of skating alive. They show that the hype that made them gods, often hid the realities that kept them human. Great film Stacy!5dea4

— Edward “Dad” Palmer

I have seen few things so inspirational. Nowadays kids look up to the Steve Jobs' and Bill Gates' of the world for inspiration, and they should, those people are amazing, but if you have never seen the power of raw talent and the fire of passion burning together, or doubt you know what that looks like, watch this movie.

Pure inspiration, pure expression, pure passion... A true blessing!

— Jaco R

March 7 1987 Austin Texas 11:45 am

I am sitting at the airport waiting for Tony Hawk and Lance Mountain to arrive, going over in my head what was I had to do in the next 24 hours and what already had been done in the last two months. I wasn't sweating it at that time in my life I would have a vision and could pull it off with little or nothing. I had all the riser templates cut and stored across the river from the coliseum and a check book with 27 dollars in the bank. I still had to get all the 2x4, half inch plywood and maisonette, screws and the coping, plus build the ramp the next morning.

"Skateboard Rock& Roll Expo" March 8th, doors open at noon show starts at 1 pm

"Flight 1261 arriving from LAX at gate 8". Lance and Tony had arrived on time I still had to pick Steve Caballero at 2pm and meet the Thrasher guys at the Hyatt. My friend Ben had loaned me his 1965 Buick wildcat convertible, at that time I had a 1958 VW beetle right hand drive just too small to get the job done. I got Tony and Lance checked in at the hotel and went back to pick up Steve. I called my shop Austin Cruzer from the airport payphone, they said I needed to come by there and pay the screen printer some money to print the shirts and jackets and the Thrasher people wanted attention right now, I got there number called the Hyatt and told them to be waiting out front Told Steve he was going to have to take a little tour around town before I could take him to the motel.
Fast forward to 7:30pm, Lance, Tony and Steve were getting hungry. There is a great Mexican restaurant a couple blocks away from the hotel that has kickkkk ass margaritas. Although I wasn't going to be drinking them that night I had plenty of shit to do in the next few hours before bed. Tony didn't want to go but wanted us to bring him back some chicken enchiladas. Steve, Lance and I walked into Baby Acapulco's, they have all the pink elephant pinatas hanging from the ceiling and other masks and trinkets from Mexico. There was about 8 or ten guys about 35 years old, not one of them were under six foot three they were drunk and I don't mean maybe. They were walking around hitting on all the women in the place doing crude and rude jesters I guess they learned at some frat party. Everyone was just sitting there hoping they wouldn't come to their table. Steve Lance and I were laughing so hard we were crying. One guy grabbed one of the elephants and was holding it like it was his dick and started sticking the trunk up guys asses. The wait staff was scared to say anything, these guys had taken over the restaurant. Finely after about 45 minuets they ask for the check and started arguing over who owed what. Then all of a sudden one of them came over to Steve and said he was going to kick his ass for laughing Steve couldn't deny it we all had laughing tears running down our cheeks. Then the head guy that had been collecting the money for the tab came over and pulled him off, then came back and said "I don't know what you did but I saved your life" at which Lance said "I should of brought my knife. "He is bigger than any knife you have" came a swift reply. "I don't know" Lance said, while pantomiming a large knife emerging his right front pocket. I was thinking holy shit after all this I have been through this last few weeks the three of us are going to end up in the hospital, we were in a booth up against a wall. I said to the guy "he is only kidding" and he looked at me and said "do you watch David Letterman?" I said "yes" he gave me the high five then turned and left. We got our check and Steve noticed all of them outside looking through this window pointing at us. "Come on" I said "lets go". Lance and Steve both agreed " those guys are going to be waiting for us out there". I told them "all we have to do is make it the trunk Ben has a shotgun in there". Lance and Steve jaws dropped they looked at each other like holy shit, well we are in Texas and one of them said "you not going to kill them are you?" "Just kidding" I said and we made it back to the hotel before Tony's food got cold.

Lynn Carter
For the rest of the story
Check out Thrasher June 1987 "Austin Bongos" page. 63


— Lynn “Austin Cruzer” Carter, Skateboard&Rock&Roll Expo 87

Bones Brigade: An Autobiography can be described in several ways. Best documentary ever made, revealing, great for skaters and those who enjoy watching documentaries, informing, occasionally entertaining, and of course there's some great skating. Every second of this documentary had me staring at my T.V. because I just couldn't pull my eyes away. The only thing that could have made it better would be if they had included some other Bones Brigade members from the same time period such as The Swede (Per Werlinder) and Steve Steadham. But I must say, job well done Stacy.

— Justin DeVoe

This film was amazing to watch! All the Guys in watched and read about in the Magazines. My friends and I all had our favorites, Hawk, McGill, Cab. Growing up in Texas in the mid-eighties only a few BMX shops carried stateboards. The good ones carried Vans shoes and other accessories; trucks, wheels ect... But when we were actually able to watch a video with these guys we were blown away!!! The film was incredible because for the first time you actually get to meet these guys in a since. These idols I grew up with, you finally come to understand that they are human beings with every day problems and such. Very candid look inside these guys life in and out of the sport. Thanks for finally giving me a chance to meet these guys!

— Michael Petrusek

Great flick!

— Anna Hill

I absolutely Loved it! There was a screening in Austin, Texas and got to meet Lance Mountain and Rodney Mullen! The Biography was an Awesome jog down memory lane...I laughed, I cried......seriously Lance, you made me cry! The Bone Brigade are responsible for being a positive influence in my life! Thank You!

— Mark “Motts” Demerl, Heart On Your Sleeve

Just seen this last night.. This is so fresh, just the interviews alone are worth listening to. So many classic and epic moments is skateboarding happened cuz of these guys… LEGENDS. If your just starting to get into skating or if you have never looked into the history before the 360 flips, Hardflips, varials, heelflips, crooked grinds and blunt slides you had the the #bonesbrigade Rodney Mullen , Tony Hawk Steve Caballero, Lance Mountain, Tommy Guerrero, Mike McGill, and Powell-Peralta

— edward “eddie” gurrola, L.A. Vida Skate Supply

Great film. I was one of those kids in the Midwest who lived through the pictures of these guys in magazines. I identified with Lance the most, but never had a good understanding why until I saw this film. Lance is the everyday skater. He has limits to his abilities, but his passion to ride is why he rips! Great film. Thanks to Stacey and everyone else involved in bringing the backstory to the front page

— Richard “Mo”

Legendary! A movie that made me reminisce about the old days so much. Really love Rodney in the movie - an absolute Legend!

— Robert “Dirty Bob” Peveling-Oberhag, Life is beautiful (LIB)

Glad to see Bones still killing it

— David “Deputy” Hare, Shredder



It was nice knowing about the bones brigade i loved it!

— David “junobomb” alba, none

The Bones Brigade documentary is truly a phenomenal one. Initially, because it had the word 'documentary', I thought that it would be pretty dull to be honest. However, it not only turned out to be one of the most inspirational videos I've ever watched in my close to 17 years of living, but also one of the most entertaining ones. Part of the reason I was so pleased by this video is because of all the amazing people being interviewed, all truly legends in their own ways. Worth the watch for sure!

— Jason “jasonlam_” Lam

A wonderful documentary with plenty of heart.Captivating and inspiring.

— Chuck Fisher

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