Check out what Tony Hawk had to say in the Zine that was released for the NIXON x Bones Brigade collaboration in 2017, by Sean Mortimer & J Grant Brittain.


"They did my first graphic with the regular hawk and that obviously wasn't well received and lasted less than a year. They wanted to do something more iconic and in line with the other graphic they'd done. They wanted continuity and a more powerful image so they sent me some versions of the hawk skull. To be honest, that's closer to what I thought they'd do in the beginning with my first graphic, but somehow they went so literal with hawk bird and I didn't think I was in any sort of position to say no. I didn't feel like I had that much pull.

This graphic made me feel like I was more a part of Powell, definitely. If I had to choose one graphic out of all the ones I've had over the years, that's the one. That's the graphic on the board I gave the Smithsonian.


We all hung out a lot with Court during Animal Chin. He's very … creative. Eccentric. He had a funny perspective, what can I say? You’d watch him operate and say, 'Oh, okay … this is how artists do it.'

Court created an immediately recognizable aesthetic and definitely one I was stoked to be included in. He did f*#king Ray Bones' graphic! That, in itself showed how talented he was. That's what started it all—the Ray Bones graphic. To me that is the quintessential Powell graphic. I don’t think skateboarding had an aesthetic before Court and Powell. I think they created an aesthetic for skateboarding.


Cab's. The dragon was all time. It was such a unique creature to me. It wasn't just a skull. It's Game of Thrones before it's time.


I don’t know if it sold a lot right away, but it definitely rated more interest and it eventually sold a shit-ton. My highest for a month was around 20,000 decks."

Tony misunderstanding how much money Rodney made in one month:

Interviewer: "Rodney said his highest in a month was 300 dollars. Freestyle decks …"

Tony Hawk: "In one month!"

Interviewer: "In one month. That was the highest he ever got."

Tony Hawk: "There's NO way he got that much in one month! No way. I dispute that fact. Fake news."

Interviewer: "Three hundred dollars?"

Tony Hawk: "Oh, I thought you said 300,000. Three hundred? That makes sense. I believe that."

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