Scroll down to read Rodeny Mullen's section of the Zine that was released for the NIXON x Bones Brigade collaboration in 2017, by Sean Mortimer & J Grant Brittain.

Rodney Mullen on BB graphics for Nixon

"Court was very accessible when you were there in Santa Barbara with him, but otherwise inaccessible, if that makes sense. In essence, I got to know Court just before this graphic. Stacy Peralta would take me up to Santa Barbara after contests and I would freestyle, do my little song and dance outside the building. Court was watching and I just struck up a conversation with him really easily. I was excited to meet him. He was unlike anybody I’d ever met. I was from Florida and he was like a super hippy—so different! He was so unusual. He was so into nature. We got along really well and on one visit George Powell told us to take off and have some fun. We went off on a hike and Court ended up jumping in the water, so that was kind of how he was.

I can remember walking into Powell when he showed me this graphic, but it was the way he spoke when he explained it to me that I remember. He said, 'You have this crown, but you're so analytical and the way you move every piece is as though you’re playing chess on a chess board. The way you hold your crown shows that you don’t even care. You just have this whimsical way of holding it, which is exactly how it should be held.'

All I could do was thank him! It made me so proud. It was an honor. I knew it would be a skeleton and I was fine with it, but it's not like I was yearning for it. It wasn't like the skull McGill had—the more intense one. It was very personalized. Court was one of the most caring people I had ever come across and I got the sense that he went above and beyond to make it special for me. I felt so honored.


I remember a royalty check for $167. I think I got up to $300 one month.


It's not so much the art as knowing the guys and my relationship with Tony … I always liked Tony's graphic.


Court's style … you can call it pride or whatever, but I looked at other company's graphics and felt so grateful. No graphics compared to it. I remember seeing tons of another pro's boards around a lot and it had a really popular graphic. I thought it looked cool, but Court's … it just made me so thankful and honored that we had Court tucked away because there was character there in his work."