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I'm a 34 year old optometrist and have not touched a skateboard in 15 years. This film motivated me to pick up a cab reissue and hit the pools. I'm not the greatest but I'm having fun. Now I just need to get my old friends to come out with me.

— Alex “Dr Romero” Romero, Orange Circle Optometry

I just want to say it's a great documentary! I started skating in the 80's and these guys we're some of my favorite riders. I'll admit I did shed a tear. I had no idea what everyone went through. Being a young rider you never got to see what happened behind the scenes. You did a great job and I recommend it to everyone even if you don't skate. Thanks Stacy!!

— Chris Adams, Skateboarder

The Bones Brigade documentry is an amazing film. I was so stoked when News of the film first came out. The Bones Brigade were my heroes growing up. I got into skating in 1983 and The influence they had on me is why I enjoyed skating and still do. I got to go to the Portland screening of the film and loved every minute of it. I have the film on dvd and on my iPhone as well as the reissue decks, posters, hats, stickers, shirt and Vans shoes. Thank you George, Stacey and the Bones Brigade for creating a film that brings back so many memories for us 80's skaters.

— Brian Farrell

It's a rare occasion when a film actually affects the trajectory of your life. For me, "The Bones Brigade" is one of those examples. Having attempted skating in my early teens, I initially approached the film merely to get some nostalgic kicks. While I got plenty of those, I also left with something more profound (and returned numerous times for some more). This isn't a movie about skateboarding and this isn't a sports documentary. The people featured in this movie are not "rock stars", but, real, vulnerable, and fallible humans that prove that any dream is within reach. I find myself recommending the film to people at parties and people in business conferences. This is a movie about innovation and being a part of something bigger than yourself.

As a fellow filmmaker, the stylistic influence was significant. The way the interviews were shot, the eclectic soundtrack, and the spot on scrapbook editing all have fallen into my dossier of influences. The killer marketing campaign and the appropriately D.I.Y. method behind it is revolutionary and has inspired me to take a different approach in distributing my work.

But the biggest thing that I got out of the Bones Brigade was Rodney. I remember seeing his videos in middle school, but hearing his story through his voice was nearly spiritual for me. Everything about his presence resonated with me and I will be forever thankful for this film because of it. I have since read his books and watched his talks. I've caught up on Stacy's ouvre. And, after nearly 13 years, I am back on a skateboard.

— Dillon, Airbnb

The first time I watched it I was a little disappointed, not terribly. I felt something was missing, perhaps some history of some other riders and how they were discovered, also some background on the artwork (VCJ). It seemed some valuable time was wasted on rockstar opinions whereas it could have been more inclusive. Also I was expecting it to finish with "where are they now" showing the brigade members skating today.
For whatever reason, the second time I watched it, I really enjoyed it and the aforementioned issues didn't bother me.... go figure. i guess it took me a second run through to really get it.
Overall, great work!

— Tim “Timmy” Malins, High Tide Surf Shop.

After watching the movie... I can honestly say that it is a must see for anyone who skated back in the day. I love how it went into detail for each of the lads. I was inspired. I actually dug out my old '85 Lance Mountain board and spent the next two hours getting reacquainted! Well done!

— Michael

After seeing Dogtown & Z Boys, I was waiting for the Bones movie. I was hoping that Stacy would make a movie about the Bones Brigade. It was awesome to see how the team came about, the tricks that were invented and the stories coming from the guys on the team. I learned so much about all of my favorite skaters and how innovative they really were. It was very emotional and took me back to the 80's when I got my first CAB deck.

Thank you for such an amazing movie.

Long live Stacy Peralta.

— Rusty “Hill Billy” Reens, Random Acts

When i was 15, i was clueless as to how to "get sponsored." So I wrote a letter to Powell telling them I was a great skater, yada yada yada..After 4-6 months i got a post card from Stacy himself telling me to get sponsored, keep skating and someone will notice me..i was so stoked that he actually took the time to write me and encourage me..i later became sponsored by Blockhead, Vision Streetwear, Rannali trucks...it was a great time in my life..Skating was so pure..instant camaraderie was had because you met someone with Vans on. Watching the Autobiography this weekend stoked me beyond belief. I cried at the Rodney Mullen part when he spoke of his controlling Dad. I went skating yesterday at Alameda Skate park on the Navy base..Soul Session with other old cats..im 43 years young and i still crave slappys. thx

— Jamie “OG” Brewster

Watching the " Bones Brigade Documentary " was a nice stroll down memory lane when I began skateboarding myself in 1985/1986 . Some of my heroes rode for Powell & Peralta , Steve Caballero , Tommy Guerrero , Lance Mountain , Ray Barbee and Jim Thiebaud . To hear them 25+ years later recollect their personal stories and memories was rad . The Bone Brigade Team and all the members are as synonymous with skateboarding as grip-tape . Stacey Peralta and George Powell teaming back up isn't for show or just money , and I'm happy to be able to share my own experiences with Powell & Peralta decks , wheels , video parts with the younger generation of skaters as I push periously close to 40 years old . ;)

— Daniel

"Bones Brigade: An Autobiography" lived up to everything I hoped for when I first heard about the project. I skated duing the 70's on a plastic Makaha, but I didn't get serious about skating until 1987. I learned so much about the history of skateboarding from "Dogtown & Z-Boys" and I learned even more about the pre-1987 Bones Brigade from this film. For me, the greatest thing about the movie is being a part of the history of skateboarding and living these first decades of the sport. I don't have to watch these films as nostalgia and reminisce about skating "back in the day", because I still skate all over Los Angeles at the countless skateparks and the Venice boardwalk. I'm still living it. Most important of all, a movie like this records the history for younger kids to understand the roots of where skateboarding came from.

— Eric “Vision” Muss-Barnes, Skateboarding California

saw this filmy at the Sedona International Film Festival. Very well done. My son (15) and I (52) were probably the only actual skaters in attendance. The rest were mostly senior citizens who were 100% riveted, hooting and connecting with the subjects of the film, especially Rodney Mullen. I am positive that they all left with a new appreciation for skaters.


— Terry Cowan, Sedona Bouldering

An excellent film. Good to see the team back together.

— Andy “Andyd02”

I just wanted to let the Bones Brigade know that you guys are my idols. The film was truly amazing, it inspires me to push myself more and more everyday..

Just like most of you guys, skateboarding gives me a purpose. I'm so glad that you made the film to show your amazing story.

— Austin Corbin

I remember them 25 years ago! I am 36 now. They were my inspiration especially Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen. I used to skate from 8 til 16. I did have a Lance Mountain board once. I still watch Skateboard clips now and then from youtube. I remember Gleaming the Cube film with Christian Slater. All the best with Powell Peralta!

Thank you Stacy for this excellent documentary!

— Jamie T

Hi guys, just caught Bones Brigade: An Autobiography at Sheffield doc fest. Incredible piece of work. I actually preferred it to Dogtown, not because it's a better film necessarily but I grew up admiring Steve Caballero & Rodney Mullen and those guys got me into skating. Rodney's interviews just meant so much to me. Interesting I had never seen an interview with Rodney before, I just love the guy even more so now, he's definitely tuned into something the rest of us haven't found yet.

Look forward to seeing the film again if it makes it to Cardiff, Wales for a screening and I can't wait till it's on general release as it is the bible for a ton of friends back home near London. We all who grew up with this breed of street skaters influencing us to pick up boards and head out to the industrial business parks in the evenings and weekends once the suits had
gone home for the day...then it was ours.

Cannot thank you enough for this film, good luck with it.

— Richard Crandon

I grew up the little sister of a boy obsessed with skateboarding and all things Bones Brigade in the 80's. My brother's obsession and intense interest in skateboarding naturally flowed down to me, and even though I didn't have the natural ability (or bravery) to partake, I followed my brother and our friends to every skate session and demo and watched every video that came around. My brother now works for CCS and I am married to a childhood friend who never quit skateboarding and is still pretty focused on carving out time to skate regularly. Skateboarding defines the majority of my childhood in so many ways, but as you can see it is still an integral part of my life.

I went to the viewing of the Bones Brigade movie last night in Metuchen, NJ and was so unexpectedly moved by the documentary and it really gave me perspective on the impact skateboarding has had in my life and on my generation. These guys were true pioneers, paving the way for the state of skateboarding today.

Thanks for producing such an inspiring film!
Please feel free to send me a signed deck (or five).


— Michele

I just saw your movie in Toronto (for the Hot Docs festival), and it was AWESOME. I can't claim to be a skateboarder or a fan of it- but i went with a friend who loves it and this movie made me fall in love with the whole skateboarding culture!

thanks for making it! Hope it does well!

— Iva

Hi there, I saw the film in Toronto a few weeks ago and was blown away. An incredibly invigorating piece of filmmaking, and a window on a world that I had previously under-appreciated. I fell in deep love with the soundtrack, too. So question: I can't seem to find information about the music used in the film and I'd love to get a tracklist. Thanks so much. Congratulations on
this achievement.

— Elizabeth, from Toronto

Hey, So I watched your documentary last night and it has hit me like a bullet train. I wanted to go find the soundtrack and stumbled upon your website. Don't usually send a message after seeing a docu-film but your one has led me on this path. I'm actually putting together a playlist for a new years party tonight (all welcome but live in England). I used to be a skateboarder back in the 80's. It was my means of transport to the corner shops (to play coin-op arcade games). This story took me back to a time I love and told me a story I never knew of but was actually a part of. I grew up in South Africa and remember a friend who was rich and lived up in the hills, which was most excellent for skateboarding. Watching your (ya'lls) story was like looking through a window to the past. There I thought Tony Hawk invented it all! I think it was gleaming the cube that got me hooked and a few scenes in police academy. I just wanted to wish the Bones Brigade and all involved in the documentary a prosperous 2013. Thanks for being the best and being an inspiration for the new year.

— Bazza


Last Tuesday, I watched the movie: 'Bones Brigade' and expecting it to be interesting. It was way beyond this point, I totally loved it.

First, it reminds me the time I was skating in my father's garage. Of course, I would never become a skater like you, it was just for the sake of it. Have the first member witnessing this period as adult and commenting the 70'-80's video and photos was a wonderful idea bringing the documentary to a higher level.

As a kid, I was totally fascinated by Rodney Mullen freestyle, impressed by Caballero flying dexterity, amazed by Tony Hawk┬╣s technical deftness and Mike McGill who got so famously inspired.

Moreover, I am so thankful to Lance Mountain and Tommy Guerrero who made skating look easy and relaxed.

Stacy Peralta and George Powell create a beautiful team who will later revolutionize skating and the world. This movie is a great documentary not only for showing your best time as famous and popular people but also your toughest time as questioning your career. It made it real and close to everyone's life.

Once again, well done. It's an excellent movie that will now have a place in my top ten!!!

— Estelle Gressard

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