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Hey guys! I just wanted to let you know that this movie enabled me to learn more about the history of skateboarding. I've been a skateboarding enthusiast ever since I was 10 but back then, I didn't know anything about skateboarding history. Thank you so much for producing this autobiography. Prior to watching this movie, I read Tony Hawk's autobiography and he mentioned the Bones Brigade and I wanted to learn more about the team so I did research and found out about the movie. I also created the "teambonesbrigade" instagram, which is formerly know as "bonesbrigadefans." Now, I'm just focused on getting the Hawk and Cab reissues. Thanks again!

— Angelica Mendiola, instagram.com/teambonesbrigade

A movie that shows that our hope to rekindle those feelings from the golden years of skateboarding was never pointless. In the history of skateboarding, Bones Brigade: An Autobiography will be one of its most important chapters. We are all lucky to have such a work of art to illustrate our most priceless memories.


Watched this a few months back and my 40th birthday is weeks away. I was in complete amazement. So many great memories came back. I laughed and cried through the whole thing. THANK YOU for making this film!!!!

— Jeff

Just wanted to say thanks for everything you guys do in the skate community and keep it going! Much love, :).

— Shawn “Juice” Auger, Having Fun

I've rode throughout all the major ups and downs of Skateboarding. I started in 77 and have never stopped. I remember these guys from way back then and this movie is so right on as to how it was. Everyone from Cali in the 80's knows what I mean, no one really was a star, it was more about what pool you were pumpin or had found. Who was comin to ride that day. Who rode yesterday. Did you hit tile? It was so cool in the beginning. The movie really puts it out there. Nothin beats climbin stuff to find a pool, and when you do, the amount of school you had to ditch to make it rideable. Shoot, the guy's that pumped the pool and dug out the sludge were often hailed by the pro's as a hero. I've rode every kind of skateboard fluently that you can think of, I started on clay wheels (nothin worse or more painful than cracking one of those in half). I choose to ride Powell Peralta and have done so since 80 not because everyone else had them, but because they put up with the abuse like a Redheaded Stepchild. I've yet to honestly ever "snap" one clean. I've thrashed them good, but never snapped. I Had a Bonenite McGill once that I cracked all the way from the tip of the nose to 2" from the back truck and it never let go, as a matter of fact I learned to drop in on Vert with that thing and rode it on street till the Tail disappeared. I don't "like Powell Peralta products, I love them!!" I love them so much and find the materials and designs so good that two weeks ago I purchased a N.O.S. Jaw bone to use because they work so well for Vert, and the re-released rails.....A GODSEND!!! I've been raiding all the local skateshops for rat nuts for years and have finally gotten to use them. So yes, Powell Peralta Rules!!! I moved to Colorado in 87 and it suucked here. No more big rippins, not a single pool anywhere. It took 3 years to even find a ramp to ride again. I had to teach people here about Bass Systems and why not to give the guys with them dirty looks. I had to show them the future....they HATED me for it!! Bad!! I still ride tho and they don't, now their kids think i'm a cool old guy.....ha ha ha, I win. Still got the body of a 23 year old at 40, I'm glad they picked on me Teee Hee!!!! (How's that for a story?) :)

— Chad “Booger, Choad, Jit-Rag” Ritter

Amazing how much these guys have influenced my life, even in my advanced old age of 40!

— Bennie “Bongo Bennie” Shapiro, very little

Ever since having a son, I've always dreamed of sharing with him the experience I had growing up skateboarding. People don't realize just how much of an impact it had on us skaters and our lives. It was NOT just another sport. It was fun. It was a way of expression. It was LIFE!

After taking my son (now 14) to the premiere in North Hollywood, CA hosted by Tony Hawk, Mike McGill & Rodney Mullen, I feel my dream has been accomplished. I don't believe ANY other film or documentary (past or future) could portray what skateboarding meant in the 80's and why the Bones Brigade were cultural icons!

Major respect and appreciation to Stacy, Tony, Steve, Tommy, Mike, Lance and EVERYONE who help bring this film to life!

Leon Burns

— Leon “Leonski” Burns, none

The Bones Brigade documentary was a breath of fresh air! I was so excited to hear the inside scoop of what all my skateboarding heroes went through back then and where they are now. The film was perfect except for having to listen to Fred Durst (I'm a Jacksonville boy) and would have like to see local ripper Donny Griffin in the film. Overall great footage from the past and very insightful interviews... the film got me even more stoked to skate! Keep those films coming and thank you for making such a fine documentary.

— Matt Kowalski

I absolutely loved it, really inspiring, and great to see how they are all doing now. These guys have been my heroes since i was a kid,i had the boards and the posters on my wall, they influenced me to become a good skateboarder, and kept me out of a lot of mischief. i went to see them on tour and pestered them to sign my tshirt (which they did) Now in my late 30s and i still occasionally dust the board off, its awesome to see these guys are still at the top of the game.Although im still waiting for the Animal Chin interview?
Great film, make more :)

— Andy “brandnewbadidea” Gibson, brandnewbadidea.com

I drove an hour to go see this film and man was it awesome. The documentary captured the essence of the energy, creativity, and times that the bones brigade existed. It was emotional on so many levels because skating played such a big part in my life when growing up. We lived thru these skate gods and always kept up with what these skaters were doing. Hearing them share their own stories now brought back another way to relate to them all over again. I want to thank you for putting this together and for bringing back the memories of that time as well as keeping it alive today. Skate and Create

— John “JB” Boalick

I loved watching this film; it was inspiring and interesting to see how everything came about, and to watch the creative sparks ignite in each skater. It's a well put together documentary and fun to watch. Pure awesomeness.

— Jendria

Bones Brigade: An Autobiography...

WOW, I was amazed!! I am so pleased that you guys decided to make this film. The Bones Brigade was a huge Part of my childhood, and In my opinion has never and will never be duplicated.

It was like a flash back, seeing the faces and all the stories. More importantly, to see these men, (who I had only known as boys) deliver such moving statements, Takes them from icons and makes them people. They were never about money, just love of the Sport the culture and the friendship that skateboarding has always been so great at promoting.

I was touched by there honesty. I felt a sense of understanding throughout the film. I was never great at skating, lets be honest, I was never even good at skating, but if you have ever felt griptape under your feet, you know that doesn't matter. You skate because you love to, because you HAVE to... Because if you fall... the pain just motivates you to try it again...and again...and again. Because you know that when you do land it, even if you never land that trick again...you never forget what it felt like to do it right. and it's amazing...no it's euphoric.

The film Captures all this and puts it out there so perfectly that non-skaters get it, and skaters are emotionally moved. Getting to know these "Legends" as people and having them share the pain and fear and torment that they went through makes me admire them more than ever. the tenacity and strength these guys have is amazing. They never quit, never. They are not Just great skaters...they are great men. That Hit me like a ton of bricks and made me want to keep pushing myself. Not necessarily in skating( though I must admit i am very tempted to go and start up again...very tempted) but in my life in general.

Thanks for this film.
It was...awesome.

And to the Brigade especially,

Thank you for being who you were. An inspiration, and a LEGEND!!

~Brett M.

— Brett M.

Let me begin by saying it is my favorite documentary of all time. It gave voice to a loss I felt in the 1980s when all the skateparks in my city closed and it seemed that I was going to have to give up a sport that had allowed me to feel accepted. I spent 30 years trying to figure out why I felt such a loss until I saw the film and then I understood just why skateboarding in general and the Bones Brigade in specific resonated so deeply with my teenaged self. I can't thank you enough for making this film.

— Patrick Brady, Red Kite Prayer

I started skating in 1985, these guys were my heros. I probably watched Future Primitive 200 times. I couldn't wait to see this film and I was not disappointed. Great job Stacy! I still skate most every day even though I'm 40. The Bones Brigade members are still so inspiring, I can't believe how well they all still rip!

— Tim Purrier

An in depth look at the greatest skateboard team in history. If you thought you knew the brigade, think again.

— Larry “Lp” Pescatore

Can't stop watching the film, Brilliant. 38 years old and feel like kids again watching it. Such an amazing insight to the group that were untouchable skating gods, extreme sports owes anyone involved a huge debt!

Just need to find some re-issued boards, gutted I didn't know that had happened but c'est la vie.

Awesome, awesome film!

— Neil Lynall

This movie by far, does the best job of representing skateboarding as it was for so many of us in the 80's. I've been wondering when someone was going to tell the story of the legendary Bones Brigade, but also terrified that they would make it some commercial crap to sell some shoes or some decks. What you get with this movie is a bunch of guys telling their stories candidly. It's especially interesting to hear Lance, Cab, and Rodney talk about the troubles they had as kids. Back in the 80's, there was no TMZ or shit like that, so all we knew as kids was that these guys were all amazing skaters. This movie takes you back and fills in the gaps, and makes you respect them all even more. They are still legends to look up to even now

— Erik “Erik” Lorack

I loved the film. It captured the vibe that made sk8ing so fun.

— todd “todd napier” napier, Downriver Productions

One of the best documentaries I have EVER seen. The fabulous cinematography and compelling stories from the guys are overwhelming. To see men that I considered heroes saying that they were in fact as insecure as the rest of us blew me away. Rodney Mullen was so intense and emotional about the sport he helped evolve it was incredible. A true tortured genius.Getting to relive the Southern California skateparks and their demise was heart wrenching. Seeing the Brigade and all the old advertisements again AWESOME!

— Jason Roberts

Bones Brigade:An Auto Biography really hit home with me. I wanted to be a professorial skateboarder when i was growing up and spent so much time trying to learn tricks or perfecting them because of these guys!!!! My parents never took skateboarding seriously and my skateboard and any equipment that i had acquired (through mowing lawns) would end up in the trash. I had to hide my skateboarding and act like i was going to play tennis or to church if i wanted to search for Animal Chin (i found him all the time BTW). The Bones Brigade inspired me to be an independent thinker and to thrash daily no matter what! I am so impressed with this movie and will always remember how these guys innovated skateboarding to the max! I never became a pro or even an amateur, but i had fun trying :)

I saw him all the time! KB*

— Brandon “KB*” Keresztury, erthlng prod*

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