Below is Steve Caballero's text from the zine released for the NIXON x Bones Brigade collaboration in 2017, by Sean Mortimer & Grant Brittain.


"I didn't really like the flat propeller and skull graphic they had presented to me for my first graphic. I think they were trying to keep a military theme going with the Bones Brigade because Alan Gelfand had a tank and Mike McGill jet fighter and the propeller graphic looked like something painted on the side of a plane. I had been riding the Ray Bones Rodriguez model with the skull and sword and I didn't think the propeller was a step up or equal to that graphic.

I had to think of a graphic that would fit me and I've always loved Bruce Lee. He was an inspiration and he was known as "The little dragon" and made movies like Enter the Dragon and Return of the Dragon. And, in the Chinese and Japanese zodiac calendars, I was born in the year of the dragon. I had a friend of mine draw a mystical dragon with wings and I presented that to Court and he did a few renderings and came up with one I liked and I went with that. It had that awesome Court style and depth to his illustration.

ON COURT: I appreciate how he uses the lines—they're strong and super bold. Court drew a lot of strong graphics and he told me that at the time he was in a really dark place. He was not in a very happy place and he was going through a lot in his head, which in turn produced some pretty strong iconic graphics.

FAV GRAPHIC: Lance's. It stood out a lot from the other graphics and it was a different style—really basic and really strong at the same time.

HIGHEST MONTHLY ROYALTY CHECK BASED ON $1 PER BOARD: In that heyday of board sales in 1987 I got a check for about $18,000."

Part 3 of 7 featuring Tommy Guerrero, going up on Tuesday, February 4th.