On Tuesday, March 12th, George Powell and Stacy Peralta gave a factory tour to Ryan Page and his son, Jack. The other two guests that were going to come with them were unable to make it. During the launch of the film, two factory tours were offered. Ryan purchased one of the tours from the Bones Brigade site.

Stacy, George, Jack, and Ryan headed to the deck department first.

stacking different plys
George and Stacy gave some good descriptions about what goes into putting a skateboard deck together.

sanding down the edges
Ryan and Jack were shown how the edges of the decks are sanded down smoothly.

breaking the deck
Jack got to use the "Guillotine". It's used to test the strength of our boards.

We were lucky enough to come into the screening area to see how it's done.

screens graphics
The secret room of our screened transfers.

wheel wells
Now to the wheel department. George explains wheel molds to Ryan and Jack.

wheel shavings
Jack tried to use all of his strength to break apart the wheel shavings. He gave up in the end.

wheel printing
They were shown what goes into printing the graphics onto our wheels.

art department 2
Last stop was the art department. They got to see plenty of cool ideas and projects to come.