On Monday, March 4th George Powell and Stacy Peralta gave a factory tour to Warren Currie and his family. During the launch of the film, two factory tours were offered. Warren purchased one of the tours from the Bones Brigade site. Warren owns the skateshop Easy Rider in Edmonton, AB Canada, and also hosted a screening of the film.

conference room
Starting the tour off with a meeting in the conference room. From left to right: Trey, Griffin, Angela, Warren, George and Stacy.

It was decided that we would first go to see how the boards are made.

glue plys
Stacking the plys together to make a deck.

George explaining the differences between constructions and concaves.

Sanding the edges before the rails are sealed.

stacy photographer
Stacy was shooting with Warren's camera. We were battling for better angles for the majority of the day.

screening graphics
Skate One is the first to use 3D screens to screen decks, that we know of.

lunch break
Lunch Break. Happily waiting for the meal to be served.

research and development
Stopped by Research and Development to talk to Chris Iverson. You might recognize him from Future Primitive..

George laying out the process that goes into the wheel production.

wheels cooling down
The best way to cool down wheels that are fresh out of the oven is by placing them on the ground. Remember, heat rises!

wheels graphics
Printing the graphics on the wheels. The bags on the left are wheels that need to be printed.

art department easy rider
Last stop was the art department. Stacy caught up with some old friends while George gave a few sneak peeks of projects to come.