"Although it is surprising that VCJ (Vernon Courtlandt Johnson) did not receive any mention in Bones Brigade: An Autobiography, it is because the film was about the Brigade, not the company behind it, and the amazing team of professionals that supported their efforts. If anyone else deserves credit for the wide success the Bones Brigade products enjoyed, it is VCJ, whose insanely creative and iconic graphics created symbols that the Brigade's fans could rally around and colors they could fly as banners of individuality and 'flies in the ointment' of 80's society."

Twenty years ago VCJ made 100 prints of each of these shirts. He recently found the remaining shirts in storage. Each shirt comes in a cardboard box, with a note signed and block stamped by him.
vcj 4 shirts


  • Medium- 8
  • Large- 26
  • X-Large- 3


  • Medium- 9
  • Large- 26
  • X-Large- 14


  • Large- 8
  • X-Large- 7


  • Large- 23
  • X-Large- 1

Also, don't forget about the Bones Brigade Poster signed by VCJ.