BBAA 10-30-12

Thank you to everyone that has been participating in the release of the film, it has been an interesting ride. A disappointing thing we recently found out in regards to selling the film on the Bones Brigade site was that we are unable to sell it to our friends in Australia. A little history. Early on, after the Sundance Film Festival, we secured a distribution deal with a company in Australia to distribute the film in Australia and New Zealand. This gave them sole rights to distribute the film there. We tried to figure out a way to continue to offer the film from our website, but we just couldn't work it out. The film distributor has provided these links for our Australian and New Zealand friends to pre-order. DVD or Blu-ray. Unfortunately, items on the Bones Brigade site that were bundled with the film also couldn't be purchased. Items like the signed Skull & Sword deck bundle, the signed Ripper deck bundle, the T-shirt/Trucker hat bundle, anything that had the film bundled in it. We do have plans to offer a few completes signed by the team, and those won't be bundled with the film to give everyone a chance at them. If we are able to get more decks signed by everyone, we will make sure they are not bundled with the film. Nevertheless, it has been exciting and interesting going on this adventure with you. Thank you for all your enthusiasm and support. The film releases next month.