"Do you know the way to San Jose?" Called Steve and headed up to San Jose to get him to autograph a few decks. He was going to be opening an Art Show, play some music with Agent Orange at the skatepark, then head back to the Art Show to help with the closing. Met up with him at 10:30pm for some late evening pen work. SC BBAA 10-26-12 Steve putting pen to wood The next day caught up with Tommy in the Bay area. The bridge connecting SF to Oakland is an engineering marvel. I wonder how many skateboard decks it would take laid nose to tail to go across the Bay Bridge? BBAA TG 10-26-12 Tommy taking time out of his day Five guys down and Rodney to go. (Plus George and Stacy). Rodney's dogs greeted me as I pulled up to his house. So far, Rodney has been unable to find anything to add to the Vault, but Stacy told me that Rodney said he had a couple of things that I could pick up. BBAA Rodney Mullen 10-26-12 Rodney almost done. Rod Mul BBAA 10-26-12 Something to pick up. Rodney's 1989 trophy from Japan! His neighbor had it. Amazing. Also asked the guys to sign three Ray Rodriguez Skull & Sword completes for the Vault. BBAA red ray rod 10-26-12 For the Vault Watch for these 50 autographed Ripper decks being offered on the Bones Brigade site, and the 3 autographed Ray Rodriguez Skull & Sword completes along with Rodney's trophy from Japan being offered in the Vault very soon.