Got into work around 9. Read a few emails then two of us were asked to drive down to Vista to meet up with Tony and Mike so they could sign a "few" decks. After that, we were to head to Lance's house and get his signatures too. Loaded up the van and started our adventure! BBAA boxes 10-26-12 Loading up the van. BBAA Tony sign 10-26-12 Tony was the first to sign all of the decks. Mike showed up right when Tony was leaving. He also brought a few things to add to an upcoming Vault on the Bones Brigade site. BBAA on the road 10-26-12 After Mike was done, we hit the road and headed towards Lance's house. BBAA 10-26-12 Lance signing Lance had set up a makeshift table for us to place all the decks on. BBAA 3 down 5 to go 10-26-12 The mission for the day is accomplished. Tony, Mike, and Lance's signatures. Time to head back home! Travel note: Be sure to have a charged up cell phone or a phone charger when you go on long drives.