Stacy Peralta Red Bull post Stacy Peralta was interviewed at PERALTA: 'BONES BRIGADE' TO COME OUT IN OCTOBER by Cole Louison, Jun 9, 2012 Stacy Peralta’s first skateboard movie in 11 years should be released in October, the filmmaker recently told “Bones Brigade: An Autobiography” riveted festival audiences and filled the skateboard community with anticipation for a release date that’s remained unclear due to distribution issues Peralta thinks he’s finally solved. The film focuses on the 1980s skate team that altered the sport under the mentorship of Peralta (a top 1970s pro), who fostered the genius in teenagers like Tony Hawk and Rodney Mullen. Peralta sat down with to discuss the different route he’s taking. The Sundance screenings were a massive success — with standing ovations and packed Q&As with the film’s stars. What’s happened since then? We came out of Sundance with a number of offers from traditional distributors, which was similar to my past three experiences at the festival, but this time, for many reasons, I wasn’t interested in going the traditional route. One being that I want to remain in control of my film and another being that I want to take advantage of the new distribution opportunities opening up on the web. Why take this approach in your career now? I’ve always been independent, but now I want to be more independent — meaning from start to finish. And now there are business models that didn’t exist five years ago that I think will allow us to do that. Have you decided on a course of action? I’m very excited with the road we’re taking with this film. It looks like we are going to self-release theatrically and make a deal with a company called Topspin Media that is going to manage our entire presence on the web. This will include selling "Bones Brigade" directly from our website via download and DVD, as well as many other things. For us film outsiders, can you talk a little about the distribution process? Typically, when you go with a traditional independent film distributor, you sell them your film for a price — usually a very small price — with the idea that someday you will share in the profits if your film succeeds. But I’ve yet to see any money from the profits of any of my films, and most of them have done quite well in regards to the documentary business. What’s the process like, signing over to a distributor? It is a lot of work. Endless meetings and phones calls, film festival visits, and a lot of just running around making deals and getting people excited about the film. But I’m hoping to break new ground with the new distribution direction for Bones Brigade so that I have a clearer path in the future when I’m releasing my next film. When can we see the film? We will be doing the final on-line and sound mix in late June to have it finished July 1st. Our plan is to release sometime in early October. Cole Louison is the author of "The Impossible: Rodney Mullen, Ryan Sheckler and the Fantastic History of Skateboarding."